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Moltrasio has achieved the Bandiera Arancione by Touring Club Italiano

November, 2022

Moltrasio waves the “orange flag”!
The Touring Club Italiano assigned this important achievement to four new municipalities, among which Moltrasio. The villages stood out for good quality hospitality, environmental sustainability attention, protection of cultural heritage and for an authentic travel experience.

Why Moltrasio has obtained this achievement?
The Municipality of Moltrasio applied to the project, considering to meet the requirements. The Touring Club Italiano assessed the village worthy through the “M.A.T.” (Territorial Analysis Model). Here the explanation:
“The well-marked thematic routes allow you to discover the heritage and the most picturesque sights. Moltrasio is a vibrant village, with accommodation facilities, restaurants and various activities, surrounded by the prestigious natural environment of Lake Como. The explanatory panels provide information about the historical and cultural places of interest.” Lorenzo, ghost visitor TCI.

What is the “Bandiera Arancione”?
The Bandiera Arancione is a touristic quality mark promoted and assigned by the Touring Club Italiano. It is dedicated to the small inland locations that not only preserve a precious historical-environmental heritage but also are characterized by an excellent cultural proposal and good quality hospitality.
It is a concept with a tourist perspective, focused on the visit experience.
It is a tool to promote the territory.
According to the TCI principles, including the protection of the heritage and the environment plus the authenticity of the visit experience, the Bandiera Arancione program promotes the exploration of little known but precious areas. It also invites the traveler to visit them and, most important, to take care about their sustainability.

How it works?
Process resume:
-    Application (in April, 2022, commissioned and cured by the Municipality)
-    Analysis and visit by a TCI expert (more than 250 criteria)
-    Processing of final score and communication of the results
-    Transmission of the improvement plan (with some indications the local stakeholders will consider to improve the touristic and cultural offer in the next years)